Welcome Pheasant Hunters!

During the fall and through the winter months pheasants are released for our club members who wish to hunt.
Generally around October the birds are released.


Bob Neihaus Memorial Pheasant Hunt

The 12th annual Bob Neihaus Memorial Pheasant Hunt.

Remember to wear an orange vest and hat

Sunday February 28th 2021
Registration and Meet & Greet - 8:00 AM
Runs until 3:00pm

At least 5 flu flu arrows are recommended for each shooter
To sign up or for more information
We will be releasing 30-60 birds for 15-30 shooters.
Contact Brian at 414-350-4452 to sign up or if you want to help work the hunt.

Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant Hunting Program

At the monthly member meetings you can order pheasant for hunting.
Cost of birds will be $14.
The last day to hunt pheasants is March 31st.
For more info contact Brian Frank 414-350-4452