March Member Meeting Cancelled

March Member Meeting CANCELLED!
Due to the coronavirus, NSC March meeting is cancelled, and all archery & trap leagues are also cancelled till further notice.

Member Information

Welcome Members!

This area of the website will contain all information member and membership related.
This includes all items and issues discussed during our monthly member meetings.
Any information and ongoing projects being discussed by our board members.

We are at 78 members.
Also, Family membership allows children to be under parents membership up to 26 years old
As long they are a full time student or in the military.

Also, information regarding:
 Members only contact form

 Work Hours
 Voting Results
 Use of the club house, hall and hunting
 Board Members
 Election results
 New Members
   ...and more!

Annual Election Nominations

March 2020 Election Nominations
We will be taking election nominations at the Member Meetings.
Then we will have the election at this March Meeting
  Spots up for election are:
   Three Board Members

Annual Membership Renewals

2020 Membership Renewals

Membership renewals were sent out, and they were  extended, due no later than March
They can be paid at the meeting
OR mailed to:
NSC, P O Box 133, Newburg, WI 53060
Place in  metal lock box outside clubhouse door

Contact Troy Huffman by phone or email 414-750-7816  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Mike Bolt by phone 414-507-7129
We are currently at 75 members for the club.


Work Hours

End of the Work Year is November 30th
End of work year is November 30th to get your work hours in.
Come to the monthly meetings to find out what work is available this fall if you need work hours.

End of the work hours year is November 30th 2019
So get your work hours in and documented before this date.

Hunting Information

Hunting on Club Land for Members Only - 2018
 A reminder when gun hunting on club land.

A: When gun hunting on club land behind the clubhouse, that it is shotgun only with bird shot.
B: There is no gun deer hunting with shotgun slugs, pistols or a muzzleloader behind our clubhouse.
C: No rifles for deer hunting on any of the properties we lease.
D: No tree stands.
E: Archery is allowed for deer hunting behind the clubhouse.

F: Hickory and Wellsprings properties is allowed for small game and gun deer hunting
No rifles, only shotgun, muzzleloader, pistol, or archery.
G: Archery can be used on any of our hunting property.
H: Bow hunting started September 15th 2018

Remember to have a truck tag
Use your membership card on your dash of vehicle.
Remember to wear an orange hat and vest when hunting on the club land.

News & Misc Info

Buck Contest
Our club buck contest will be at the February meeting
Bring your scored bow and/or firearm buck antlers
From your 2019-20 whitetail buck to the meeting to enter our club buck contest
Just bring your rack to the meeting

Walk in Cooler
Members are allowed to use the walk in cooler for short term use.
No hides are allowed in cooler.
Your item must be marked with your name and date.
If not marked or in cooler too long it will end up in garbage.

Official Calendar

The official calendar for posting events at the club is located on the inside north wall of the clubhouse.
Annual events need to be posted first.

To reserve the club (rent), write your name on the date if available.

All Calendar and Event information that is placed on the "official calendar" and is entered in the
Newburg Sportsmens Club newsletter created and distributed by Troy Huffmann is entered into this websites Calandar & Events calendar once they are provided to "Doc" aka Ken Baehler who is the webmaster for this site.

You can contact Doc at
Email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please call me if you are sending me information the first time, as your email will most likely be filter as "spam" the first time you email me. Once I know an actual member is sending me information, I'll clear your email account.

Photos & Content

Photos, Videos and Content for our website

We have Photo Gallery functionality on this website.
Please feel free to provide hunting, fishing, league, and shooting events photos and we'll post them on the Web Site.
Feel free to add a little content information as well

You can provide your photos and videos on CD, DVD, or Thumb Drive.
Please make sure that the photos are not in large or medium size. Change your camera or smartphone to a smaller size.

Bring them to the Monthly Member Meetings and give them to "Doc" aka - Ken Baehler
Email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enter in the subject line NSC Photo and Content and YOUR name

Election Officers & Board Info

March Election Results -  2019

This area will be updated after every election that is completed during the year at one of the monthly member meetings.
Select the read more button to see the results of the March 2018 Newburg Sportsmens Club elections.
Officers and Board Members are listed along with their terms.

Read More Election Officers & Board Info