COVID-19 Special Notice:
Members Using the Club House
Use all precautions: keep social distancing of 6 feet, wash hands frequently and don’t touch your face..
We will be following our states guidelines for the coronavirus.

A non working membership is $215 to join the first year
$175 to renew each year for family membership.

A Working membership is $90 to join the first year
$50 a year to renew with 25 work hours.

If you do not get your work hours in, there is a $5/ hr not worked added to your renewal.

For Example:
If you were short of your 25 work hours by 9 hours
Your working membership renewal would be $45 more, $45 + $50= $95 to renew

Children and Step children would be members under your membership until:
 18 yrs old
 Up to 26 yrs old if a full time student or in the military.

Our club has no gun range
We do have a 4 trap houses for trap leagues and public and private shoots.
Archery has an outside practice range, outside 3D course for league and open shoots, and indoor range-27 yds max inside.
Archery league shooting rates are $2 less/week than nonmembers.

We have a local youth archery team that uses our facility for shooting 3D Archery.
 State run program called S3DA.

Members do get a work hour for attending the monthly meetings.
If you work 75 plus hours, you get a free membership.
Members can rent the clubhouse out for parties at $25 and purchase beverages at a reasonable rate.

Hunting of Club Land is for Members Only
There are three (3) parcels of land for hunting

38 acres behind clubhouse
  With no firearm hunting for deer on this parcel and other hunting is allowed

50 acres at Wellsprings
  With no rifles for deer hunting allowed
  Muzzleloader, shotgun, and pistols are allowed

155 aces Newark Dr and Hickory Rd
  With no rifles for deer hunting allowed.
  Muzzleloader, shotgun and pistols are allowed

No treestands allowed on any of the properties for hunting.
In the works is another hunting  parcel, 60 acres, for our pheasant program.

To join the club we welcome you to attend one of the monthly meetings at the clubhouse on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm.
-Troy Huffman, NSC Secretary

Contact Information:
President Ralph Bancroft 262-334-0512
Vice President Mike Boldt 414-507-7129
Secretary Troy Huffman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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